10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Business:


Starting a business is a journey that takes discipline, passion and perseverance. Here are some things I feel everyone should know before they start a business, think of the of handy tips to know.

1. Do something that you are actually passionate about: Don’t start something that you feel you         could not be happy doing five or ten years down the line,  because if your business is a success       that is exactly what you will be doing in five years time.

2. You are not going to know everything, in fact, you might find out you know very little and that        is ok: What you don’t know you will learn on job, learn from business mentors, educate                   yourself or you can hire a professional for what you can’t do.

3. Don’t partner for the convenience, partner with someone because it will make you stronger.

4. Don’t worry about raising money, focus on building a great business so that people will throw          money at you.

5.Learn to manage your time well. We have more time in the day than you think it just takes good     time management.

6. Get legal advice when opening your business and learn your tax requirements.

7. Learn to take some time out your health and family are more important than your business.

This can be done by good time management.

8. Learn how to network well and comfortably.

9. Mistakes will be made,  don’t ever stop learning.

10. The journey can sometimes be lonely and hard. Don’t think you have lost your                                      entrepreneurial spirit when you have these days. It’s normal. Every entrepreneur has these              days. On those days, when you feel burned out and unproductive, go take a break do                          something you enjoy, take a short holiday you will come back feeling inspired and stronger.

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