Brand Styling

What Is Brand Styling? Brand Styling is about using different elements such as type, colours, illustration etc to communicate your brand's message through your branding elements.By getting your business branding ...

Project Highight: Heartfelt Flower Styling Logo Design

Heartfelt styling is a flower styling business that is highly creative and loves to think out of the box. Tessa Slade owner of Heartfelt styling does anything from beautiful floral table arrangements and ...

How To Create A Brand Identity That Is Distinctive Part 2

In last Anchor’s Aweigh post we started off the series on how to create a distinctive brand identity for your brand and the importance of doing so. Here's a quick recap from part 1: Your brand identity ...

How To Create A Brand Identity That Is Distinctive

Creating a distinctive brand identity is important in order for your brand to stand out from your competition, to tell the story of your brand. Also by creating a distinctive brand identity you will attract the ...

Choosing The Right Font

Last week we discussed the psychology behind colours and how choosing the right colour is important. Today we look into the psychology behind the fonts. As you know the colours you choose can evoke certain ...

How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Brand

Defining the colours for your brand is one of the key elements in creating a strong brand. When deciding on these colours you need to think about the message you want to portray and with understanding the ...


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