How To Create Landing Page That Converts

You may be reading this and thinking what is a landing pageeven ? A landing page is the page that people will land on first when viewing your website. Creating a landing page that converts is a must, yes it is ...

How To Tweak Your Content To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Besides online search it proven that word of mouth, content marketing and direct marketing are the popular channels that are being used and working. Try these 3 simple techniques to improve your SEO just by ...

Why Your Email Campaigns Are Not Being Read

You have two seconds to grab their attention from the moment they clicked open on your email, assuming that they even click open what goes wrong from there? Here are six reasons why your email campaigns could be ...

How To Boost Your Mailing List Through Social Media

Have you been trying to grow your mailing list but not sure how? Social media is one of the mediums that you can use to gain more subscribers. Here is how: 1. Hold a contest or offer a discount: A strategically ...

What Not To Do On Social Media

The crew has shared tips with you that have covered various topics about social media, from how to setup social media accounts to how to to write effective copy but, what about what not to do on social media? ...

How Do Behavioural Patterns Effect My Social Media Content?

Have you ever wondered what makes your followers tick and how  you can cater to that? By understanding a bit of behavioural psychology you will have  insight into your followers. Using this insight can help you ...


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