Business Development Consultations

Our consultations will help you shape your and grow your business by giving you valuable insight and creative solutions. We will start getting to you and your business, discussing your goals and what you need to reach them. Our consultations can cover various topics such as but not limited to:

  • Plan, shape and grow
  • Day to running
  • Pricing your services and knowing how much your worth is
  • Strategy and setting goals and how to conquer those goals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Insight and trend research specific to your industry and target market.
  • Customer service
  • Identifying your strong and weak areas
  • Question time

We will walk the journey of developing your business with you. As it is a journey, depending on your needs we would suggest booking regular consultations. After each consultation we will give you tasks, they tasks will aid you in achieving your goals.

Our consultations are done in a relaxed private environment over a great cup of coffee. However we are open to meet at a venue of your choice and for those out of town people, we also offer our consultations over Skype.

Training Sessions For Specific Topics

Brand Styling & Creative Direction Consultation

Getting your branding right is imperative and this consultation will not only teach you why but also how to do so.

We also give you creative direction for your branding elements.

This consultation covers the following areas:

  • Brand overview and feedback
  • Refining and defining your brand
  • How to be authentic and carry your branding through all areas of your business including office design
  • How to style your products for photos
  • Question time

Introduction to Online Marketing

This Consultation is perfect for those hear the word online marketing and want to run the other way.

This consultation will equip you with the basic understanding of online marketing and how you can use it effectively to grow your business.

Here are some of  the areas these consultations covers:

  • Introduction to online marketing.
  • Having an online presence: websites, social media, How to identify and connect with influencers.
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • Practical tasks to put your knowledge to practice.


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