How Do Behavioural Patterns Effect My Social Media Content?


Have you ever wondered what makes your followers tick and how  you can cater to that?

By understanding a bit of behavioural psychology you will have  insight into your followers. Using this insight can help you when  formulating your social media content and plan.




Here are some common behavioural patterns you should know about so that you can adapt your content accordingly: 

  1. Your customer put’s higher value to things they already own. Therefore engage with them on your social media platforms by asking for feedback and suggestions.
  2. Your followers like to get something in return for being loyal to your brand so give something in return to your followers.
  3. People like positivity so when framing your content keep it in a positive light
  4. Remove the fear of loss from the equation: offer risk free trails or money back.
  5. Surveys show that key influencers hold power: Key influencers and industry leaders can help your product appear more valuable to others.
  6. Your followers favour options that bring to mind immediate examples. Make your product or service easy to grasp
  7. The more frequently a customer opens your emails, downloads your content or goes along with your request, the more likely they are to comply with a larger request like sharing your content & inviting their friends.

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