How To Create Landing Page That Converts


You may be reading this and thinking what is a landing pageeven ?

A landing page is the page that people will land on first when viewing your website.


Creating a landing page that converts is a must, yes it is great that you got views and your brand has been exposed to more people but having those views be actual conversions is the ultimate result you should desire.

By using these five tips you can create a landing page that converts:

1. The first thing is understanding the different landing page types

Typically you will use two different types of landing pages depending on the path you take them on to get to your landing page:


Lead Generation Landing Pages:

This type of page should have something of value such as a piece such as a helpful toolkit, eBook or something else of value. You would use this page to get leads to do further marketing to.


Paid Search Landing Pages:

Your visitors would end up on this page by responding to a paid advertisement and therefore where they have been directed too should in alignment with what you were advertising in order to get proper conversions.


2. Being specific is key:

It is important and a must that all paid and organic activities you do to drive people to your landing page align with the means that got them there in the first place. If you don’t do that you won’t make those conversion that you require.


3. Create content that speaks directly to what is actually needed:

The power of copy is massive, having an attention grabbing and relevant headline along with well written content that speaks directly to the need or topic at hand is vital.


4. Develop forms that encourage your visitors to fill out:

Convincing your visitors to complete a form can be tricky, people these days don’t like to take the time to fill out forms and provide their personal details. The key is to create forms that don’t annoy but give them a reason to fill it out. Avoid the cliché sayings such as “ We won’t spam you”

Setting up a thank you confirmation will not only confirm that they have successfully completed the form but also is just manners and starts you off on a positive foot with the person who filled the form out.


5. A call of action button should be visible:  

There should be a call of action button in order to get those veiws into the desired conversions, therefore that call of action button needs to be visible and eye catching for your viewers to see.

These are just five simple ways to get those views converted into conversions, obviously how quick the landing page loads and the general design also pays a part in creating a great first impression.

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