How To Tweak Your Content To Improve Your SEO Ranking


Besides online search it proven that word of mouth, content marketing and direct marketing are the popular channels that are being used and working.


Try these 3 simple techniques to improve your SEO just by tweaking your content. 

  1. Start to think like Google: Google categorizes whatever we seek as three things: information, navigation or a transaction. With       that in mind use it when deciding on what type of content you want on your blog, website and social media accounts.
  1. Using Metadata when posting videos online: When uploading a video on let’s say Youtube it is important that your description         carries weight in other words make sure content is well written around this video and when sharing the video to all the different     networks use their native metadata, whether it’s pins, links or hashtags.
  1. Write unique content: Google does not just like but rewards you for it.


By just tweaking your content in these three simple ways you can improve your SEO ranking.

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