Marketing Tips To Do Today Part 4

We hope you have been enjoying our tips and actioned some of them already for your business to grow and reach your ideal clients.

Here is this week tips, enjoy 😉

  1. Have a killer website: If don’t have website, well then you better get started on creating on, in this digital age not having a killer website is a huge disadvantage. If you do already have a website, has it been tricked out to catch your ideal client eye? Is it obvious what you do on your site, is it user friendly? Does it call your audience to action? etc . Have you optimised it to it’s full potential?
  2. Taking about about your website, have you invested in SEO? You can either hire a professional to do this or you can do this yourself. We will be doing blog series on this for you in the meantime you start by researching keywords, including those keywords in your content and don’t forget about that metadata and internal links.
  3. Approach potential prospects letting them all about you and how you can help them. Make it authentic and real not salesy and sleazy.
  4. Join a business membership group, most do cost a nominal fee but they give you access to people your wouldn’t normally have access to. It is a great way to network and often has some form of training/advice for their members.
  5. List your business in relevant directories that target your ideal audience. Most of these free or cost a small fee.

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