Marketing Tips To Do Today Part Two

Last week was the launch of our series of Marketing Tips  To Do Today.  Over the next few weeks, we are going to be sharing with you tips that will help you get your business out there. Here are this week’s tips, go get them 😉


  1. Create and upload engaging business videos whether they are content focused or promotional such as focusing on your services. You can upload these on youtube and share on Facebook, don’t forget to add the relevant keyword in your description, tags and title and link it back to your website.
  2. Be a guest – Guest post on someone else’s blog, this is an opportunity to share your knowledge and your brand to a bigger audience as well as collaborating and building a relationship.
  3. Don’t forget about your own blog, this is a great way to share valuable content to your audience and you can also feature other guests.
  4. Build your email list and once you have built your email list use it. That means create mailer that people actually want to read.
  5. Talking about building an email list one way you can do is by offering a freebie of some sort on your website. They will get your freebie and in exchange, you will receive their email address.

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