How To Slay That To Do List


We know how hard it is to keep on top of that to do list and the anxiety that comes when you are not able to complete those tasks on list. We put together some handy productivity tips to help you slay that to do list.

Plan your day the day ahead:  So that when the morning comes you have your day already planned and you can get straight to work.

Break your day into chunks: That means setting a time per task and keeping to it.

Be realistic, don’t overload your schedule: Get into the habit of choosing only three Most Important Tasks to do for the day, and do them early in the day.

Learn to delegate:  When you are finding that you are overloaded, learn how to delegate tasks to free up your load.

Don’t get into bad habits: Bad habits such as “I will do it later” will become detrimental in the long run.

Take breaks: It can help you to focus for a short amount of time on a single task, and use a time to help you focus, and then to take a break.

Don’t always be connected: That means don’t have other tabs open, check your emails in burst and don’t be logged into your social media accounts and keep your phone out of reach.

Just get started already: Once you actually get started it will be easier to carry on.

We hope these tips help you have a more productive day and to slay those to do lists.



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