Top Five Social Media Tips



Having a strong social media presence is an asset to a business. It offers you an opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your customers. Here are our top tips to help you have  a great social media presence.

  1. First thing is first, only start social media accounts that are applicable to your business. Not every social media platform is suitable for your business.  Take the time to investigate the different social platforms and create accounts for the ones that are suitable your business.
  2. Engage with your customers, take the time to respond to their messages and comments. Have a more personable tone instead of “sales pitchy”.
  3. When putting together your social strategy and content keep in mind your target audience. Your content needs to provide value to your audience in order for them to engage with your brand.
  4. Don’t remove the negative comments, instead respond to those negative comments in a positive way. How you deal with the negative comments will either make your brand reputation or make it.
  5. There is nothing wrong with using automated tools to schedule and post your content but it should never be a substitute for true engagement with your customers.Reme,ber your customers cannot have a conversation with an automation tool.

Your social media presence should be about brand awareness and customer engagement and if you can get that right you will have a strong social media presence.

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