What Not To Do On Social Media


The crew has shared tips with you that have covered various topics about social media, from how to setup social media accounts to how to to write effective copy but, what about what not to do on social media?


Here is what you should not be doing on your social media accounts: 

Do not over promote your products or services: Nobody likes a spammer.

Don’t ignore someone that tries to engage with you: Engaging with your fans/follwers should be of the upmost importance.

Don’t buy your fans or followers: This should be a given, nobody want’s fake fans/follwers.

Don’t create fake comments or reviews: Dishonesty will get you a bad reputation fast!

Don’t make up fake excuses or lash out at followers/fans: Basic social media manners should be a given. Making up excuses shows that you are not reputable and being rude to fans/follwers will just make you look bad not them.

Offensive language or behavior or offensive content: This could be a brand ruiner. Think before you post!



Are you/ have you done any of these? If so the time to change your social media behaviour is now!

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