Why Your Email Campaigns Are Not Being Read


You have two seconds to grab their attention from the moment they clicked open on your email, assuming that they even click open what goes wrong from there?


Here are six reasons why your email campaigns could be failing:

1.After reading through the content the readers are left not knowing what to do next due to the unclear call of action. You have       missed the opportunity to make readers become action takers and at the same time instead you might of gained unsubscribes.

2. A badly design mailer, nobody wants to read something that is jumbled and messy and worst of all full of typos.

3. Is the header attention grabbing? or is it boring ? When choosing your header put yourself in your reader’s shoes and think            would I open that?

4.Failure to optimise your database and  not sending your email campaign to the relevant person.

5. The email is not responsive. Half of the your readers will open there emails on their phones if it is not mobile friendly you have       lost a reader.

6. They are may just to feel like another reader .Add some personalisation to your campaign and see your open rate increase.


Avoid these mistakes and change the fate of your email campaigns. 

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